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Microsoft Patenting Sudo

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Microsoft Patenting Sudo

Picture of IrvinI think this is a clear example of Microsoft's legal department not speaking with their technical department. Patents like this undermine the entire patent system. Especially if the patent is intended to give Microsoft legal recourse to sue Linux publishers later on. If this is the case I hate it anymore.

In the Ubuntu Linux Tips and Tricks blog, linked to from digg, I started reading about this. The real issue that I have with it is how it illustrates why the Europeans are into the whole no software patents thing. It stifles innovation, and allows corporations to leverage intellectual property to destroy competitors who have indeed created something totally in parallel. When patents are used to destroy competitors instead of ensuring fair profits, they are being misused.

Another problem is that this use of patents inspires end-users to disregard intellectual property laws. It is important for the patent department to understand that GNU licensed software and code should be factored in, such that if an outstanding GNU license exists for something that someone is attempting to patent, the patent is disallowed since the idea is public domain. Until these things happen, stupid things like patenting sudo will continue.