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Picture of IrvinWell after some great debugging by Apple, Mides, my PHP IDE has finally shipped. I can't tell you what a great feeling it is, as a lone developer to see your app in the app store. I realize however, that this is where the real work begins. I hope to be as transparent as possible about bugs, but I will play the new and upcoming features pretty close to the vest. However I can say that it is my full intention to make Mides a full IDE, with features on parity with its desktop equivalents.

Another possible inhibitor to my openness are the numerous NDA's that I find myself under. Hopefully that will change in time, but if I seem to be cagey, or cryptic, it's the NDA, not any desire to be difficult.

I know that there are several “no-duh” features missing from Mides, many of these will be added in upcoming releases. To get an idea of what is on deck from a bug fixing perspective, check the “known issues” area of my Mides page.

I'm a web developer by pedigree, and have actually built out sites largely in Mides, so I am definitely “dog fooding” it. Hopefully I will find bugs before you all do. At any rate, I hope you find Mides useful, and I appreciate your creative feedback, which you can deliver on my getsatisfaction site, through

You can find Mides in the productivity area of the App Store.