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Mobile Me

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Mobile Me

Picture of IrvinSo I took the plunge and started using Mobile Me. I have to say, as a web developer, and knowing about all of the local storage goodness available to Apple with Safari and Firefox, the polish of the application is quite impressive. Performance wise, I am definitely going to start looking at local storage as a good way to increase the performance of my web apps.

So my gripes, about the whole lost email, wiped out contacts thing, I really haven't experienced any of that, but then again, I did only just start using it recently. My main issue is the way you share calendars. I am not sure I understand the value of the “family pack” if there is no way to easily look at my family members' calendars, and change the schedule, if they deem it proper.

Ideally, this system would have the ability for any account to allow access to any other account in the pack. Either read-only, or read write access should be grantable. The calendars should appear in the list of subscribed calendars.

Granted, you can do this now by subscribing, but the instructions on this are not clear. I think it means that I have to publish the calendar from my mac to my mobile me account, and then the other family member will have to subscribe to it. If I am reading correctly, then the family member can make changes to it and it will be synced immediately.

If it does indeed work this way, then there would be a 15 minute delay in making modifications to my desktop calendar that were initiated in the cloud. Likewise, it may require me to have my mac turned on. I would like for all of this to be available in the cloud as user preferences. Hopefully Apple will get around to it.

I would also like to see shared contacts, meaning that the contact list would be available in much the same fashion. Where I could designate other accounts in the “family pack” that would have read only or read write access to my contact list.

Having the push stuff working on my iPhone and iPod touch are fantastic, and the integration is excellent. It definitely makes syncing my iPhone and iPod much faster since I don't have to use Yahoo! contacts anymore, the Yahoo! contacts API was really slow.

I am protecting myself however, by syncing my contacts occasionally with Google Contacts, since I am not entirely sure how robust Mobile Me is at this point. Apple says it is OK, but we'll see. I am also shadowing my Mobile Me email account with my Gmail account. Forwarding my email from my gmail account to the mobile me account. I haven't sent out the blast email telling my family members to start emailing me at the new address, since I want to make sure things work well before I do that.

All-in-all, Mobile Me is fantastic, the web applications are a fantastic example of the state of the art in web development. I would recommend mobile me to anyone with a mac, as long as they take precautions to shadow their data in some way.