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New Digital Copyright Bill

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New Digital Copyright Bill

Picture of IrvinI know that this is ground that I have already covered, but I just can't stomach any more of this DMCA stuff. The DMCA was bad enough, but now congress apparently wishes to criminalize most legitimate tax-paying hard working Americans. I just don't get it.

Why would congress want to take an overtaxed law enforcement system, and turn it on geeky hackers? I'm sure if you added up the total cost to enforce this new law, and compared it to the amount that the recording industry is actually, and I mean actually, not their pie in the sky number, of lost revenue due to people making copies of music for their friends. Even if there is piracy going on, it is no where near the amount of piracy that they make it out to be. If they really have a problem with piracy, they should be fighting it outside of America. That's where it is a full business. I think its too difficult for the government to go after the real pirates overseas, so they pick on the taxpayer because its easy.

Allowing someone to make a copy of an album, or a movie for a friend makes that person more interested in the group. For example, if a friend copied an episode of “cowboy bebop,” that person, if they had any sense, would then go out and buy every last episode of the show and the movie. The producer of that movie would then see a strong return on the “lost” revenue for that episode. It goes even deeper with software. If a friend gives another an old version of some software then they will probably want to upgrade, but they won't be able to until they buy a full version. They will most assuredly buy a full version, and the company whose software was “pirated” will pick up a sale that they would have never gotten in the first place because that person would have never known about their software.

All this will do, especially in the software industry, is force people to use open source solutions that they have previously thought were less desirable than their paid counterparts. This will increase the user base of open source solutions like Open Office, and lead to more active developer communities, which will in turn make the open source software more desirable. The software companies who are supporting this law are making competitors where there were none previously.

Anyway, please read more about this awful turn of events at cnet.

New Digital Copyright Bill