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New Mac OS X Intel Build

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New Mac OS X Intel Build

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperI'd have to see it running, but things look promising for a mid-January release of at least Intel Mac Minis and probably Pentium-M based iBooks now that there is a more robust version of OS X Intel.

What I have read is that Rosetta has been updated to allow it to, I'd assume, convert AltiVec code to SSE2/SSE3 code. That would be sweet. It, theoretically, although it would and probably has taken a massive hand tuning effort, could allow Photoshop and the like to run at almost the speed of a G4 1.42 GHz single processor machine. Which is to say acceptably. Perhaps then the audio heads would go ahead and move up to Intel Macs when they were available.

I think that the efforts so far on Rosetta have been excellent. Positioning the Mac-Mini as a digital hub also makes sense as then Apple would be able to compete with Microsoft in this arena. It is already apparent by Front Row 1.0 that Apple gets it better than Microsoft does, and I think that once they have Intel inside and they aren't working with a performance deficit things will get pretty interesting on the home theater front.

The rumors about Apple coming up with some kind of TiVO killer I only half believe. I do believe that Apple was in talks with TiVO to try to get them to develop software for the Mac, and that has partially suceeded, but I know that Apple, and Jobs specificially, wants more. So I'd say that Apple might try to get into that market, but it has yet to be seen where Apple would get a tuner for its Mac-Mini. That is where I think that it doesn't really work. Besides, Apple doesn't need all of that if they get a good amount of content for the iTunes TV store.

I'd expect that Apple won't release their product until they see it as compelete. I just can't see Apple having a complete home theater solution yet. They are close though.

On Aperature, it is interesting. Of course Apple has contingency products going on, and it looks like Aperature is one of them. Similar to Marklar, just in case Adobe ever dropped its support for the Mac. And while Adobe hasn't dropped support, I am sure that Apple is sensitive to the fact that they aren't going to have a free upgrade to their existing Photoshop CS base when the Intel macs launch. Probably Aperature is a good stop-gap, and it will almost certainly be a universal binary.

All in all I'd say that January is looking to be a very interesting month.