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Nintendo Revolution

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Nintendo Revolution

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperI had a very strange dream the other night. I was in a store looking for the Sony PSP, but the shopkeeper had run out of them. It was a small shop in a mall, not a large best buy style store, or even like an EB games, it was more of a botique shop. I'm not sure where I was, as far as what city, but I remember thinking how impressed I was with the Nintendo DS. Still in my dream, I remember thinking to myself, “you know, what I really want to play is Metroid, and RC Pro AM on my old black-and-white original GameBoy.”

If you are still reading this, you are probably thinking man, this guy is a geek! Well, I am a geek, but it brings up an interesting point that led me to visit Nintendo's website for the first time since I had been playing StarFox on the original SNES. I saw something that is conspicuously missing from the major game manufacturer's sites. I saw that Nintendo was truly focusing on producing great games. Not trying to slip a trojan entertainment hub into your living room or into your pocket like Sony with the PSP and the PS3, or like Microsoft with their XBOX 360.

After reading about the systems from Sony and Microsoft, you notice that they are extremely heavy on graphics processing technology, while they are light on voice recognition dedicated hardware, or experimenting with innovative controller technology. In short, they are not really interested in furthering the gaming experience, they are really only interested in giving you a better way to watch movies (the current crop of video games included), watch TV, and listen to music. I say that the current crop of video games are like watching movies because most of the problem solving has been distilled out of the majority of blockbuster games, and has been replaced with extreme polygon counts and loud explosions. This is great, and I'll go to the theater, or pop in Independance Day to experience these kinds of things, but when I pop in a role playing game, I want to be immersed in a quality game experience. Even looking at older action games like Ninja Gaiden for the NES, there was a quality there that current games are missing.

Upon reviewing some of the features of the DS, it does a lot as far as PIM technology goes, but it looks like a really cool, unique gaming platform. So what if it doesn't play movies? I think that I'll be giving the Nintendo revolution a look even if it does fall short of the other systems. At least I'll have a system with quality games from a company that only does games. Isn't that the reason to have a gaming console anyway?