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One Day With the iPhone: A Review

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One Day With the iPhone: A Review

Picture of IrvinWell, I thought I would write a review in that I don't really see too many people wanting to spend $600 on the iPhone. Not because it isn't worth it, but instead because it is a lot of money. I want to convince people to drop the money.

First, I'll talk about the good. Well, the phone looks incredible, obviously Apple has designed and implemented a breakthrough UI for a communications device. The applications, the few that there are, are very well integrated, and the multitasking features of the device are truly astounding to anyone who has had to work with any other mobile device.

The keyboard is reasonable, it is totally off if you don't remove the plastic cover that is over the device. Once you remove it, the keyboard works remarkably well. The suggest feature corrects misspelled words, and is usually pretty good after using it for a while. It is really easy to inadvertently overwrite a URL, and it would be nice to have an undo function. The coverflow looks sweet on the iPhone, and photos and slideshows are really nice. All-in-all it lives up to what it is supposed to be, the end-all-be-all mobile device. It nicely covers all areas of mobile life. It doesn't astound in any area except music, but that is to be expected for a first gen product.

Battery life seems reasonable, and it syncs well with a mac, of course if you use Linux like I do on my desktop, you are out of luck. YouTube is really a killer app, and being able to send links to friends of the page you are viewing is a really nice feature. Safari works well, even on fairly heavy CSS and JavaScript pages. It is far faster than Blazer, or IE 5.5 Mobile.

So now I'll talk about the bad. The iPhone tends to freeze for a few seconds, or at least long enough to wonder if it has crashed when sending email with Gmail over Wi-Fi. I can only imagine that the effect is worse when using AT&T's slow EDGE internet. Actually EDGE is slow, but it is better than I had expected it to be, if you have full signal.

It is a problem that I can't use it as a proxy to connect my laptop via bluetooth to the net. Also it makes no sense that I can't sync the phone with my desktop over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The only other problem is that some of my H.264 video podcasts don't play video on the iPhone, the audio works, but no video.

Hopefully the bad things will be addressed by further software updates, in fact I am sure they will. The device has an excellent balance between power consumption and speed. Apple has used the accelerometer excellently to help conserve power. The visual voicemail feature is wonderful.

While the price point for data at $20 is wonderful, but I don't like the fact that I have to sign a 2 year contract just to activate the iPhone. I bought the phone for $599 without activation, so why should I need a contract at all, especially since I can only use the phone on one carrier. I guess cell phone companies are all just stupid and corrupt in general, and are always looking for another way to screw their customers. If they would just be decent, I'd never leave, it is too much work to change stuff.

Anyway, overall, I'd stand in that line again to get one. It is a revolutionary product, and Apple has handled the excitement well, they have completely executed. I am sure the rough edges will be ironed out over the next few months and we'll have an incredible.