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PHP vs ColdFusion Speed

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PHP vs ColdFusion Speed

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperOver the next few days I'll be creating a version of my site in PHP to try to determine if, on the same server with the same database, etc… which scripting language performs better. The subtext has a lot to do with how JSP compares because ColdFusion largely compiles to JSP java bytecode files.

I am going to wager that ColdFusion is faster because in some informal testing, I have seen that CF using components is comparable in speed. I am not optimizing the code during the conversion, and I am working to keep the structure as similar as possible with server side includes, and string processing so that I don't inadvertently give one technology the upper hand. While a test like this can hardly be called scientific, it will at least give a ballpark idea of how these two language compare in a deployed environment.

The impetus for this experiment is a blog by troutgirl, who unfortunately seems to have been let go from Friendster for blogging about converting them to PHP from JSP. This indicates much deeper organizational issues than just the technology. I belive that there has been an upper management change at Friendster, so hopefully they have resolved their problems for now.

While I suspect there was much optimization going on during the conversion that helped the speed, I have found that un-optimized PHP is way faster than un-optimized ColdFusion any day. So stay tuned to find out more.

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