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PlayStation One The Best CD Player Ever

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PlayStation One The Best CD Player Ever

Picture of IrvinWell, maybe best ever is a little strong, but seriously, the PlayStation sounds great! I had always cursed myself for buying the SCPH-1001 model because about four months after I had bought it, the spindle CD holder started to slip, and then I had to start turning the system over to play games. Eventually it was useless for anything as the plastic began to crack.

I saw a comment on a site, I can't remember where. I think it was digg talking about how amazing the PlayStation One sounded. Especially the SCPH-1001 model. I thought it was a bunch of BS until I bought a couple of new spindles from I threw the spindle on and put a pretty good CD in. What I mean by good is that the CD was mastered well, and had a good amount of dynamism, as well as having been analog mastered. Digitally mastered CDs often sound harsh. I threw the CD in and it sounded unbelievable. I thought that no CD player could ever sound as good as my DVD player, but the PlayStation destroyed it. The depth of the sound field, and the accuracy of the high-hat were stunning. I am so glad that I didn't throw away my original PlayStation when it stopped playing games.

I do have to admit though, I laughed pretty hard at the UI for the CD player on the PlayStation. It was soooo 90's đŸ™‚