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Problems With Facebook API Authentication

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Problems With Facebook API Authentication

Picture of IrvinFor the past couple of days I have been wrestling with Facebook's rather strange authentication system for applications that use their API. Well, let me back up, first the PHP interface they recommend for the REST interface causes Apache's HTTPD instances to crash for some reason. I tried troubleshooting that, but got nowhere. It could be an issue with Marc Liynage's PHP package, and OS X Server 10.4.10, but I doubt it since none of my other PHP code is failing.

I switched to the ColdFusion API interface, but there are some issues with how PHP pushes down variables over POST and ColdFusion's form validation. I think I have that resolved, but I still occasionally find issues logged in FB where I have a response code of 0. I'm not sure what is up with that now. I think it has to do with users' sessions timing out, and me not being able to do a standard redirect. Maybe I'll try a fbml redirect, if the session stops being valid, but I really think they should just cookie the user instead of insisting on a new key for each request. It is cumbersome and error prone.

Anyway, to everyone who is using the JoostBook, Joost plugin, and the Facebook JoostConnect application, I'm sorry for the bugs and the up and down, it should be better now, but I know it still isn't perfect. There are a few more features I'd like to add in facebook, and I'll probably be doing it some time in the future once the current feature set looks more stable.