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Ridiculous Microsoft Hatred

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Ridiculous Microsoft Hatred

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperEither the people who are asking for Microsoft to scrap Windows Vista are super-elite programmers who are completely beyond reproach, or they have never written a stitch of code in their life. How could anyone ask a software company to guarantee that their software will not contain any bad code? All developers, no matter what type of code you are writing, know that code is buggy. There is no way to completely debug something as complex and backward compatiable as a Microsoft operating system.

To come to Microsoft's defense is strange for me, but one has to realize that they did a bang-up job in getting Service Pack 2 out for Windows XP when they found a problem. They managed to fix the most egregious holes without completely breaking the operating system. They spent more money in that one free upgrade than many software companies spend in research and development in an entire year. I'm sure they are working overtime to make sure that Vista is as safe and stable as an operating system can be. Especially when your users try to install ten year old software, and buy equipment from obscure overseas vendors who have no quality control for their drivers or hardware, and then complain about their computers being unstable.

I won't be buying Vista because I'm not a windows user, but if I do actually switch back, I'll want Vista because it will be the best Microsoft can offer. It sounds like some people just hate Microsoft because they exist.