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Safari 3 to Support Offline Storage

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Safari 3 to Support Offline Storage

Picture of IrvinWhen enabling the debug menu in Safari for Windows I noticed a file in there called SQLite.dll. If you will engage in a little speculation with me, you will remember that Firefox 3 is including SQL Lite to enable developers to store files on the client machine, enabling offline applications.

The fact that Safari for desktop has SQL Lite does little more for it than making it an also-ran. Not to say that offline applications aren't cool, they are, but really I am sure that Firefox will have this technology, IE 8 will probably have some method for doing this, and soon all browsers will be able to do it.

No, the real benefit will be to developers of the iPhone where being offline is a real possibility, and more importantly, a bigger nuisance. Now it would enable web developers to build applications that didn't need to download so much, instead to download only exactly what they needed. Also, when Apple releases their widget toolkit for applications on the iPhone, it gives developers the ability to deliver most of the interface through the filesystem, and only download the assets that change.

It would be a brilliant move by Apple, and a validation for web applications replacing traditional desktop applications not only on the PC, but also on mobile devices. Hopefully I'm right!