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Safari For Windows

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Safari For Windows

Picture of IrvinThis is either the best news I've heard this year, or the worst. Being a web developer, naturally I don't relish yet another browser to build for, especially with Safari's kooky JavaScript differences, like scoped eval statements. But, Safari's incredible feature set, and formidable list of plugins could be a pretty nice recipe for a competitor to IE.

The best thing about Safari is that it supports CSS to a high degree. It is a really well designed browser, standing on WebKit / Konqueror's shoulders. The problem is that if many people use it, we could be in for a long day. If I were at Mozilla, I'd be a little worried. Further fragmentation of the web community is a good thing, it means that competition is fierce. I look forward to what Apollo + WebKit will do for it.

As for the rest of the WWDC, I didn't hear anything that interesting. Leopard, while cool, doesn't really blow my doors off since seeing Beryl, and the Mac hardware is good looking, but otherwise the same as Dell hardware for all it matters. Safari on Windows is probably the biggest thing there was to see. After I test it I'll report back on what I think of it!