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Safari on Windows Review

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Safari on Windows Review

Picture of IrvinSo I've had a day with Safari for Windows just like everyone else, but I thought I'd share my opinions so far.


Apple claims that Safari 3 on Windows is 1.6 times faster than firefox 2 and almost 3 times faster than Opera at rendering pages. While I do agree that Safari 3 is insanely fast, it really seems to be only as fast as Opera, but not faster. It is definately faster than Firefox 2 and doesn't appear to leak memory. JavaScript performance is excellent in Safari, but again, not necessarily faster than Opera, but definately faster than IE 7 and Firefox 2. I will say that they do seem to have fixed some of the annoying JavaScript bugs and other incompatibilities with the newer version of Safari.


Well, this hardly seems fair since Safari is a beta release, but actually I haven't encountered any real problems with Safari, even on sites with misbehaving JavaScript. It is much faster to prompt the user to kill the script than other browsers, rarely needing to be killed. Firefox is worse at this, and IE 7 is abysmal.


I haven't aggressively tried to hack the browser, but from what I can see, since it is based on Konqueror, security shouldn't be a real problem. Both Firefox and IE 7 have had longer to be hacked, and therefore a direct comparison isn't possible, because of course Safari woud win.


The inline find is nice, with the little 3D effect, it has tabs, private browsing is nice, the built in RSS works OK. The best feature, however is that you can resize text boxes. That is something that has been missing for a while. The lack of a plugin development architecture enhances the browser's security, but hinders its usability.

If Apple were to make Safari so that it could use xul based plugins it would immediately become my default browser, but until then Firefox it remains.