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Second Life

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Second Life

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperProbably the only reason that I haven't tried Linden Labs' Second Life is because I know that if I tried it, I would be completely and hopelessly addicted to it. This is the game that will become Neil Stephenson's Metaverse. What is so cool about it is that the possibilities are pretty endless. Commerce can happen in the virtual world, with artists selling their 3D clothes, paintings for your virtual home, it is really up to the imagination. I saw a CNET article a while back with a video that showed the player with wings. Property values are increasing almost as fast as they are in California.

My only question is when employers will let us work in the virtual world. Or attend classes. At some point, we know that virtual reality will be if not as good as true reality. I think we are getting pretty close to that. For example, it requires a very small leap of imagination to envision handing someone a token object that would contain a file of a sort, and that person then having that object in their email inbox. With the possibilities for virtual conferencing this is obviously a great solution for business. Whether we are headed for the Metaverse and the world depected in Stephenson's Snow Crash, or the Matrix is anyone's guess. But we are definately headed there in a hurry. Perhaps I should get in now, buy some property, and find some contractors and architects to create a skyscraper for Owens Performance.

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