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September 7 Apple Event

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September 7 Apple Event

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperOnce again Apple is generating the type of hype that most companies stay up at nights envying. There is much speculation about the event coming up on the seventh. Many people are assuming that they are going to finally launch the iTunes / Motorola phone through Cingular. It would be incredibly disappointing for Apple to rent out the Moscone Center in San Francisco for something as mundane as a simple phone / MP3 player combo. Especially if the rumored specs are accurate. 100 songs? 25 MB? I can hold almost that much in my phone right now, without the iTunes integration.

I am pretty sure that these specs are off. I can't see Apple agreeing to limiting the SanDisk enabled phone in this way. It would just irritate customers and limit potential sales. No one wants to carry around the iTunes phone and their iPod. That would be just plain silly. I think Apple is going to launch several big things surrounding their HD ambitions as well as music. They will of course launch the iTunes phone, but in addition to that I believe they will launch the video iPod that will sync with an Apple media center device. This device will have a new program that will allow owners to use the built in store to download DVD quality movies. They can then watch the movies on the media center through this new application. I think they will integrate a TV tuner for HD into it and enable wireless video streaming from the new video iPod to the device, or from another computer in the house, such as a media storage server to the device.

The final thing that I am speculating Apple will launch is a subscription based music service, allowing a subscriber to download a certain amount of songs each month, with those songs expiring after a month, and giving the user the option to pay $0.99 to keep them. I think the music videos were just tests to see if the servers and infrastructure could handle delivery of large files. I'd say that these servers passed the test and are ready for prime-time. I hope however that if Apple is releasing a media center computer it is silver like the mac mini and the PowerMac, and not white plastic like the iMac G5.

If Apple only introduces a phone that can hold 100 songs on the 7th, I might just follow through on my threat and sell my G5 in order to build myself another PC. That would be so lame I'd be ashamed to be a mac user.

Oh, and another thing. They will probably announce the Google / iTunes partnership and perhaps they will have Sergey, Larry, or another another G luminary come up onto the stage to give Steve Jobs more love just like Otellini. This is going to turn out to be the year of HD and Steve love for Apple.