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StrictMistress – A Writing Tool

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StrictMistress – A Writing Tool

Picture of IrvinFor the past few months, I haven't been blogging much because I've been working on a number of projects. The family calendar, and my writing software titled StrictMistress.

I'd like to think of myself as a writer, or at least that is what I'd like to spend my free time doing, but the problem was that whenever I'd sit down to write, I'd find myself distracted by stuff like fonts, layout, spelling, grammar, etc… All things that are tremendously useful when you are working on a paper, or an article, an invitation, or whatever people use Word and WordPerfect for. Most of what these programs are developed for they are good at, but they were not developed for writing stories.

In the StrictMistress software, I've tried to focus on what, at its core, writing a story on the computer is about. It keeps your plot, characters, settings, and story together and they are all very easily accessible.

I wrote it using J2SE and Swing. I would never have been able to write it without using netBeans. Their new layout features were invaluable to this project. There is more information on the site about the software, and it's in a very early release state.

It requires the JRE 1.5, if you don't know what that means, you should probably update your java plugin for your browser at the java site linked to above. The Mac had some really cool tools for packaging up java applications, applying icons etc… So the Macintosh version is pretty cool, it looks and acts just like a native OS X application. I use both Macs and Windows PCs so I wrote two versions. If you are on a Mac, your java update path is a little different. You can get the OS X java update at Apple's downloads site. It will require OS X 10.4.

I'd call it a beta. I use it to write stories, I've been working in it for a while. I intend to continue developing it, and hopefully some of you all will find it useful. It has only one purpose and that is for writing stories.