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StrictMistress Update Version 0.1.1

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StrictMistress Update Version 0.1.1

Picture of IrvinThe other day I found a bug with my StrictMistress novel writing software. It seemed that when spell checking, even when the spell checker was trained, it would get stuck on extra white space.

I thought the problem was with my Java regular expressions, that I hadn't escaped my regex for white space ([\s+]) properly. The problem turned out to be that it was not doing the split on the multiple white spaces as a single white space. It was seeing them as multiples. So when I was doing the String.split(“[\s+]”) it would create empty spots in the resulting array. That would make the position setting -1 of course, that error was caught and thrown, making the position not increment, and causing the spell check to crash.

Anyway, since most of you don't care about all of the RegExp stuff…. I fixed it and its available in the download section of the strict site. StrictMistress.