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Sun JavaFX

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Sun JavaFX

Picture of IrvinThis sounds great! We have an alternative to Microsoft's Silverlight! Oh, wait, where are the downloads? Where is the public alpha, where are the sample apps? Could this be FUD to buy time, from Sun?

According to industry publications, Sun is slated to enter the RIA scripting space with the announcement of JavaFx Script at Tuesday morning's opening JavaOne keynote. JavaFx Script will target desktop, web, and mobile devices. The language leverages the Java2D and Swing API's and features a declarative programming model. Sun officials have noted that what is being announced is an alpha release with a general release date yet to be set.

InfoQ:Sun to Introduce JavaFX Mobile and JavaFX Script

Well, this is the result from a search on Sun's site for JavaFX as of 8:36 AM 5/8/2007:

Your search – JavaFX – did not match any documents on the All Results – Default tab.

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Has sun fallen so low as to release FUD to try to steal some of Microsoft and Adobe's thunder for Silverlight and Apollo respectively. For something that is supposedly going to be open source and community driven. Is this just something they are planning to do, or do they have something to back it up. Both Microsoft and Adobe have tools, APIs, and in some cases IDEs around their new web platforms, Sun has nothing.

On top of all that, they would have to use yet another Java runtime to deliver this because the existing runtime, Mustang, while hugely improved, is still slow to load relative to Silverlight and Flash. I understand that Sun has to come up with something to answer this, but FUD? Come back when you really have something.