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Symantec Fights Bugs in a Nuclear Shelter

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Symantec Fights Bugs in a Nuclear Shelter

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperI am certain that having your people work in a bonafide bomb shelter helps to increase their feelings of importance, and need for security, but practicallly this is overkill. As a business that uses Symantec's products, it would be hard to understand why they need to be in a bunker. No matter where they are physically, they would need to protect themselves from hacking, not really from warheads or chemical weapons, etc…

Perhaps they want to keep all of the virus snippets they have accumulated ready for release after the apocalypse. So that whoever takes over after human beings are gone can have the melissa virus, the i love you virus, and my personal favorite, the sircam virus. This is a little overboard, but it would be fun, and since the British paid for it, it may as well go to good use. I'd be more interested in what kind of security they are using on their T3 or whatever bandwidth lines they have coming in, but this is pretty cool anyway. Hey, I'd work there.

Symantec's Security Bunker