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The MSN Bot

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The MSN Bot

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperA few days ago, I noticed that the MSN bot had been hitting my RSS feed more than any sane bot should. The MSN search team at Microsoft have said that they are experimenting with the web droid. Some publishers are complaining about this because it seems that in some cases this is causing their bandwidth to average over the amount guaranteed in their hosting agreements.

While having to pay more for hosting can be a real pain, MSN's propensity to recognize RSS feeds and keep checking them for updates is a good feature, seeing as some bloggers post all the time, and blog readers want up to date information. Services that use the rpc-ping system, like Technorati typically do a very good job of crawling to get the latest blogs, only when there is an update. Perhaps Microsoft could implement this sort of function into MSN search, although it might be difficult with only 5.5% of the market to get people to actually use it.

Jeremy Zawdony – Dear MSN Bot