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The US Should Keep Control of Domain Names

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The US Should Keep Control of Domain Names

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperIn the news today again is the ITU, or the European Union really trying to wrest control of domain name registration from the US or ICANN. There is no reason for the US to let the United Nations control DNS. ICANN isn't perfect, but they have done an excellent job of handling it since the beginning. A large portion of the DNS system resides in the united states, and to have instability in name registrations would cause all out chaos on the web.

I usually agree with allowing for a more global coalition to handle affairs that affect the world's population, but on this one, I can't agree. The last thing the world needs now is bickering over how domains are handled, which could become moot if things continue to trend toward search. While this may force other countries to spur off from the global domain name system in favor of some nationalist domain system, it is unlikely, and I'd think that most of the world is pretty happy with ICANN right now. It must have been some petty official who thinks that everything should be global.

Until there is some huge issue with ICANN mishandling domains I will not support any effort to move control of the domain system. It is too critical to not only the US's economy, but to others as well. The UN isn't known for its stablity and ability to react to technological solutions, but neither is the US government. Which is why they don't handle domain registrations. It is good where it is, with a private agency that understands technology. The internet does not need more government control and oversight. It is fine the way it is, until either the average age of government comes down, or people who have grown up in the internet age go in, leave technology in the private sector where it belongs.