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There is Demand for DSL with no Phone Service

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There is Demand for DSL with no Phone Service

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperJust like there is demand for cable internet with no cable TV service. It is great that SBC is offering $14.95 DSL, I think that broadband should never cost more than $20 / month. That is about all that it is really worth when you think about it, no matter how fast it is. The problem now is that SBC isn't really offering $14.95 DSL, they are offering $34.95 DSL which matches my cable company's rates.

A few months ago when I had to choose between Comcast and SBC, I chose SBC because overall it was cheaper. I had to have a phone line installed, because we mostly use cell-phones, even though I didn't want it. Their promotion was advertising $24.95 DSL, although once installed it was more like $59.95, which was still $10 cheaper than what Comcast wanted for plain internet service. If I bundled with Comcast then it would cost $99 for cable internet and 100 channels of CSPAN or something like that.

But then once we moved, I had a third option. The city that I live in has its own power, telephone, and cable tv company. They are offering a bundle that I want, and get this… The bundle is actually cheaper than the bare product. It turns out that their bundle of cable internet and bare-bones cable tv is $34.95, while the cable internet by itself is $39.99. I can handle this type of bundle, but when a company tries to tell me that it wants to offer me more value, but it costs twenty or thirty percent more then I just don't want it.

A SBC rep in texas suggested that there just isn't enough market demand for “Naked” services, what is he on? If people want internet access, they don't necessarily want phone or cable tv, they just want the internet. Likewise, if smoeone wants cable tv, they may not want the intenet or phone. Consumers shouldn't be punished for not wanting the company's other services, perhaps these companies should look at what their other offerings are and figure out how to offer the consumer a lower price for the bundle than the product alone. But they shouldn't overprice the individual service to force people into the bundle. Comcast, $69.99 for internet access, give me a break.

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