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Thoughts About a Video iPod

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Thoughts About a Video iPod

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperI'm with Steve Jobs in his assessment of the viability of creating a video iPod. Apple has taken the world of portable audio by storm, and they have largely done that by keeping the iPod as simple as possible. That means sticking to music. Steve Jobs has indicated that this is Apple's plan and that they aren't deviating from it. However, we all know that eventually Apple will have to succumb to mounting public pressure to integrate video capability into the iPod at some point. Jobs' questioning the viability of watching video on the iPod has many, many good points. The screen is definately too small to watch more than a few seconds of video. The audio would be fairly decent, but still limited to stereo, or the Dolby headphone standard.

Still, what I would like to see in the iPod is for them to use a standard toslink optical headphone connector to allow purely digital connections to a stereo, I believe the AirPort Express uses this so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to integrate it into the iPod, also I'd like to see the ability to output Dolby Digital 5.1 from the iPod to allow it to support playback of basic DVD Audio. And finally a 1/8 inch component video output jack, all on-board. Here's my business case for it. How cool would it be if you had a killer multimedia presentation to show to perspective clients, and you could plug your iPod, just your iPod, into a projector, or plasma display, and reciever. Your client would be blown away by the elegance of your solution. Take another step back and you begin to see the big picture. You could download movies from the iTMS, which would probably have to be renamed the iTVMS. You could then watch them anywhere on your iProjector and the iPod. The iProjector would have a dock for the iPod so that they would become a unit. Imagine the potential for home theater, having all your movies on the iPod, and not needing anything more than your long optical cable to connect to the receiver to watch movies. This would be a killer combo.

The iPod may never show video on its little screen, at least in any more than preview mode, but as a video transport device, or storage medium, it could have big implications. Changing home theater, as well as the way we think about presentations. Think about it. I'm sure Apple is.

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