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Thoughts on iPhone Planned Obsolescence

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Thoughts on iPhone Planned Obsolescence

Picture of IrvinRecently, there has been a lot of talk about planned obscelesence of he iPhone. I just love when people who know nothing about engineering write articles criticising a product.

First, the missing GPS: Yes, many high end cell phones have GPS. The iPhone does not. The critics have to accept that Apple's iPhone does far more than just traditional cell phone stuff. The power consumption of a normal cell chipset is next to nothing now. In addition, a cell phone's screen is much dimmer than the iPhone's. The iPhone's battery is already about 45 percent of the volume inside the device's case. What do they want, for he entire thing to be a lithium polymer battery?

In addition to that, I am not fond of having a device that can connect to the internet, and is most certainly hackable with GPS so that someone I don't wan't to find me can, or worse.

Then there is the IM thing. It is software. Apple has always been cool about supporting legacy devices with software updates. I don't see them changing now, when they have the greatest chance to piss off their new user base. Even if they charge for he updates, that won't really be a problem for people who just bought a $600 device.

What they will do, is release a version that has bigger storage, a better camera, and a faster processor with a bigger, higher DPI screen. They aren't stupid enough to miss the opportunity to sell software updates to their existing iPhone user base, plus sell new hardware to those who want it.