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To Laptop or To Desktop That is the Question

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To Laptop or To Desktop That is the Question

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperRecently I have been noticing that I almost never use my desktop computer, a G5, anymore. Sure its snappier, and I have almost three times the screen size, and it is just bigger, but that is part of the problem.

My G5 is, number one old, and number two about the same speed as a new Apple PowerBook, not to mention the fact that it isn't portable, now while I am not considering getting rid of my desktop, when I look to upgrade, which is now. I am not interested in upgrading my desktop, I'm looking at a new laptop. Most of them now have 17″ widescreens, VGA and SVideo outputs, the hard drives are roughly equivalent, and with Voodoo coming out with really good looking units with modular graphics cards, laptops with desktop type base stations are looking very attractive. I can't justify buying a PowerBook unless they release one with the 970FX or a dual-core G4. I couldn't look myself in the face in the morning if I knew that I paid about $3,200 bucks for a single cpu 1.7 GHz G4 when I could have a mobile Athlon 64 at 2.4 GHz for about a grand less.

I have been doing a fair deal of 3D work for fun, and I can tell you that rendering a scene on my G4 1.07 GHz iBook is an exercise in patience. That is almost the only reason I go to my desktop. Mobiles are now coming with drives that hold 100 GB too so storage isn't a reason anymore. If they can come up with modular CPUs on top of the modular video cards, I'll be completely sold. I love OS X, but not at those prices. If I can, I'll hold out for the first Intel based PowerBooks, but I currently have either PPC software, or Windows versions of the same software, albeit dated. If the vendors don't make their universal binaries free, I may change my mobile computing platform. Nothing, however could make me give up OS X forever. If I do go Intel, etc… I'd dual-boot my favorite Linux distribution with Windows, and hope for an OS X hack soon.

Still, I have this little voice in my head saying nooooo… So I don't think I can actually make myself buy a standard PC, even one as pretty as the Voodoo. I am hoping that Apple doesn't let its switching to Intel stop them from releasing a G5 based PowerBook this year.