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Ubuntu 6.10 Big Slowdown

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Ubuntu 6.10 Big Slowdown

Picture of IrvinWell, I still like Ubuntu, but this strange slowdown has me puzzled. It all started three days ago. I did an upgrade as I was prompted, it installed some packages. Then boom, after I rebooted the system, things were just running slowly. To give you an idea, Firefox takes about 3 ~ 5 minutes to start up, where before it used to be almost instant, terminal takes about 30 ~ 40 seconds to start up. Basically everything is slower.

Also, there seems to be graphical corruption in Firefox as while it loads a page it is frozen so hard that the screen doesn't redraw over it. If I drag a window through it, or bring a different window over it when it is up, the window stays there. I have some other problems such as DRI not working with my X600 card and the fglrx driver, and I would normally attribute it to just this machine, which is a stock Dell Pentium D 820 2.8 GHz with 2 GB of RAM, and a 250MB SATA Hard Drive, except that on my other machine the same problems exist.

That machine is very different, it has an Athlon 2000+ CPU, and two 60 GB PATA hard drives, and a nVidia GeForce 5200FX… Same story, after I updated it, it exhibits these problems. Everything works, just much slower. The AMD is using the linux-kernel-2.16.11-35-i386 kernel, and Iam using the same version generic kernel for the dual-core machine. I hope that they get this fixed soon, it is really annoying and my machines are almost unusable.