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Updated iPhone to Firmware 1.1.2

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Updated iPhone to Firmware 1.1.2

Picture of IrvinI have to say, Safari is way faster. That is the most noticeable change, well actually, the most noticeable thing is that with iTunes 7.5 you get the battery indicator in iTunes, which is nice. The speed benefit is awesome. It really makes web apps cook over Wi-Fi. I haven't tried over EDGE yet.

I don't know, it doesn't make up for losing apps. I never re-hacked my iPhone after Apple killed my 3rd party apps earlier. Even though it was benign, there was just something about using a TIFF exploit to install software over the web that makes me a little jittery.

In any event, the iPhone is much smoother and appears to be back to its 1.0.2 stability. iTunes doesn't know that the update is out yet, but Engadget: Firmware 1.1.2.

Language support is nice, but what I really want is my Jesus phone back. I want open application development. Unfortunately I don't think that is what we are going to get in February. I can keep my fingers crossed.

At any rate, if you aren't interested in 3rd party applications, and you like the super boring interface, and maybe you just have to have that battery indicator in iTunes, then the 1.1.2 update is probably for you, at least it seems to have fixed the wild instability and the slowness of the iPhone. At least for the moment. I don't know why Apple is playing this game with the hackers.