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Updates to JSPIMP

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Updates to JSPIMP

Picture of IrvinWell, as predicted, there were a lot of bugs in jspimp. I found and squashed a bunch of them last night. Most of the problems came from the xml encoding format I was using for the innerHTML text. I've fixed that bug plus a whole lot more.

The catch is that some of your state files may not open anymore. The way to fix them is to url encode the innerHTML strings. If you open that state file in a text editor, and you url encode the string, then resave the state file, the application will be able to open it again.

Another fix is that JSPIMP will actually not rewrite your index file. That was a nuisance that I've resolved with the 0.1.7 release.

Anyway, if you want it would be cool for you to download it. Oh, and watch out with putting white-space like
in your innerHTML, when JavaScript renders it, it causes errors in FireFox and IE.

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