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Well IE 7 Is Out

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Well IE 7 Is Out

Picture of IrvinIE 7 is out, I'd been playing with the RC for a while and found no clear flaws. Still, I didn't expect to find any. Despite the IE 7 blog's assertions that they have made revolutionary changes in IE 7, I have yet to see any. It seems to me that the only things they have done was to break a bunch of sites while still keeping IE 6's proprietary and non-standard behavior.

I don't know what they are doing, but IE 7 is really just IE 6 with tabs. I had reserved judgement until seeing the final version, but it really is no different. Maybe they have upgraded the CSS engine, and maybe it supports CSS a little better, but they simply didn't do enough. Why do I still have to use _position:absolute to fix an element on the page. Why can't they support position:fixed like firefox? I guess what I had really wanted was for them to actually best firefox. I figured that they have all of the money, and some of the best developers in the world. I thought that maybe they would come out with something that rocked. But really they just mixed the MSN toolbar with IE 6 and are calling it IE 7.

To say that I am disappointed would be an understatement. I actually thought that IE 6 was a pretty advanced browser, and I still think it is. It just needed to do it's advanced behavior in a standard way. By removing the support for the old hacks, all they have done is break sites, but still make developers fork their javascript and CSS. Gee, thanks for nothing IE team. Microsoft does some things right like C#, the XBOX (still fugly), and Avalon, but they do some things wrong like IE 7, the dynamically generated JS / CSS / HTML from Visual Studio, and the restrictive licensing in Vista.