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Why Apple That’s Mighty Big of You

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Why Apple That's Mighty Big of You

Picture of IrvinIt's mighty big of Apple to be supporting Windows on Macs even when Microsoft won't. I am still not quite sure why anyone would want to use Windows on their Mac. Not because there is anything wrong with using Windows, I think that today's Windows XP is not too bad actually. Given that you are a really saavy user and do not do things like installing Comcast's malware if you have no choice of other ISP.

I think that right now, people were into doing this because it was sort of like hacking, but now that it is endorsed I don't think that anyone would do it. It just doesn't make sense to spend more than 2k to get a machine that looks really elegant, has a very elegant and integrated OS, rip that off and put on an OS that is not integrated, is security violation prone, and has a hideous uninspiring UI.

Since it is Apple's 30th anniversary, I really thought they would do something better than this.