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Why on Earth Would Microsoft Want Claria?

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Why on Earth Would Microsoft Want Claria?

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperI would certainly hope that either, Microsoft wants to buy Claria (Gator) to shut it down, or that the story is completely bogus. I actually despise Claria (Gator) as a company, they are delivering software that most consumers who are aware of them don't want, I know of exactly no one who would say to themselves, “You know, I really want to download and install software that will generate pop-ups as I surf the web, especially those ones that take over the screen and make it hard for me to figure out how to close them.” I, as the family computer guy, have to always go around and remove the crap that Claria (Gator) sprays around a typical consumer desktop. For a large credible company like Microsoft to be looking at buying them fills me with dread for several reasons.

Microsoft could integrate their spyware into their software. Doing this would give Microsoft an invaluable view into not only what consumers were doing online, but as to how they were using their desktops. They could bury consent deep in their EULA so that no one would really see it, and most consumers would be completely unaware. This is deeply frightening as I don't really want anyone deciphering my psychology in order to deliver ads to me at my most vulnerable moments. If I want something, I want to be free to decide on what I want, not to be brainwashed into buying what anyone else wants me to buy.

Microsoft would and could fail to notify users with their spyware of Microsoft based spyware. Which is what the newest cnet article about Claria and Microsoft is asserting. It still blows my mind that they could even be thinking about this. Of course on paper it looks good, but in reality the idea of Microsoft using Claria's, as far as I'm concerned, illegally acquired audience for ads to try to compete with Google and Yahoo! Give me a break, there is a huge difference between unobtrusive text based ads on Google and largely Yahoo, and hideous screen grabbing popup ads like Gator (Claria.) If Microsoft acquires Claria in any way, I will not consider purchasing any, even for Mac, of their software ever again, how could I know whether it had spyware built in or not, they have enough clout to prevent other antispyware products from flagging their stuff as spyware, how could it discriminate from this patch from Microsoft, and this spyware from Microsoft. Buying Claria would be an awful move Microsoft, let it go.

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