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Why the U.S. Government Should be Google’s Biggest Client

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Why the U.S. Government Should be Google's Biggest Client

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperThe CIA generates massive amounts of data. So much that they have to have many, many analysts working to manually process that data. This doesn't make much sense when you factor in that Google's automated tools probably can do at least as good a job picking out pieces of information that are creditable. They could probably even come up with relationship maps from all of the intercepts that would be fed into their systems.

One of the issues with this of course is that people would freak out if they knew that Google was collaborating with the government to help the CIA mine all of the data that comes through there. They would be afraid that their email to their secret lover might end up in there, or that the government would be listening in to them through their TV sets, or other paranoid sillyness like that. Google would be delivering an enterprise application completely separate from the main Google system that we all use. Sure they could use their systems to snoop on people, but as soon as it got out, and it would, it would be the end of Google, no one would use it. The guys who run the company are too smart to do something like that, and even if they weren't their shareholders are.

Still, since Google has access to some of the best and the brightest minds, something that the CIA used to have, but can't afford anymore, they are in a unique position to assist the government in dealing with a growing and very significant problem. There are tons of terrorist warnings, and threats sent through each day. All the time we have to spend investigating each one spends resources that would be better served focusing on real threats. If software could help rule out pieces of data that are irrelevant, or assist the analysts in finding significant pieces of data faster, then we would achieve that goal. Isn't Google's main ability, the process by which they find relevant content among basically statistical noise? They should bring their expertise to bear as federal contractors. It would make us a whole lot safer.