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Will the Megahertz Race be Back on Again with Intel’s 955 Extreme Edition?

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Will the Megahertz Race be Back on Again with Intel's 955 Extreme Edition?

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperAs I had mentioned many, many blogs ago, the Megahertz race wasn't over, merely postponed. It was pretty clear that when Intel could get down to the 65nm process, it would give them the ability to push even higher clock speeds at similar power envelopes. The Pentium Extreme edition 955 is no exception. According to Tom's Hardware it should debut at 3.4 GHz, be dual-core and sport hyper-threading. This chip should stomp out whatever AMD is currently working on as I belive that Intel will continue to have the better fabrication process and continue to outproduce and under-cut AMD's pricing structure. AMD can't hold out forever against Intel, and it is my prediction that AMD will regain the lead in the CPU race.

Intel's 955 Extreme Edition