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Yahoo! Buys

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Yahoo! Buys

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperWith their bookmarks built into the Yahoo! toolbar, and their work around MyWeb 2.0, why would Yahoo! buy you might ask. The answer is, to eliminate the only real competition in this sector.

Most people who use have never used the Yahoo! bookmarks, it is completely mutually exclusive. I'm sure that Yahoo! was trying with it's bookmarks and customizable MyWeb 2.0 to blow out of the box, but it quite clearly failed. Since I started with the Yahoo! bookmarks, and it did everything I needed, and that I like the functionality of integrating all of the MyWeb 2.0 stuff with the links and everything else in Yahoo!

I never really worked with other than hitting the website to see what the hot sites were. One of the interesting developments that immediatly comes to mind with this new purchase is what Yahoo! will do with the Flock integration, and how the Flock people now feel about supporting a major corporation like Yahoo! being that Flock is supposed to be all about open source and supporting grass roots movements to change the way we use the internet. I like what I have seen in the early beta of Flock.

I just wonder if everyone who currently uses will continue to use it with it being Yahoo? I guess they don't really have a choice. Holding someone's bookmarks is an excellent method of lock-in, so much like the Flickr acquisition, I am sure the users will complain about evil empire and such, but at the end of the day I don't see any of them jumping ship.

Anyway it is an interesting development, and I am interested to see how Yahoo! will integrate all of this technology it is devouring. I notice that Google hasn't come out with anything extreme recently unless you count Google Base. They also haven't bought any edgy companies recently. One has to wonder what they are working on that has them so silent anymore. Maybe they are working on getting Gmail out of beta.