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Yet More Updates to JSPIMP

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Yet More Updates to JSPIMP

Picture of IrvinI think that this release of JSPIMP is probably ready for people to start using. I have added a search-as-you-type feature for finding stuff in the current page, I've mostly fixed the preview in IE issue. Most importantly JSPIMP has working help, I've moved it to the site.

Some of the other fixes include improving the project switcher. Adding Alt-key combinations for frequently used tasks, I still need to add copy / paste, and preview. The tab key works mostly as expected. I have an extra carriage return at the end. For some reason keyword coloring is a problem. The main issue is that it just takes up too much CPU time. I'm working on a new way to try to do it, but it will take a while.

I will improve the JSPIMP as time goes on to contain more useful information. You still have to use IE to download / install the software. I need to build a standalone installer, but that might be a little while. Anyway, give it a shot.