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Ads in iPhone Native Apps

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Ads in iPhone Native Apps

Picture of IrvinI have what could be considered a strong anti-ad bias against iPhone applications with ads in them. But really my concern isn’t against the ads themselves, but more about the fact that some software, whose purpose is to market to me is in a device that has always on network connectivity and access to my phone book.

My concern is always to protect my friends from unwanted solicitation, however that is what all of the companies that want to “leverage the social graph” are trying to do. The iPhone is the perfect device to allow violation of my friends’ privacy. Furthermore, I don’t really want to have to worry about what software my friends have on their iPhone before I give them my telephone number. I already have one phone number that is difficult to remember for the people that I want to remain in contact with, and another one that I use to fill out forms that I only answer occasionally.

I am not against these companies being able to sell their applications, or rather, give them away for free, but what I would like to see is either a privacy policy on any application that accesses the phone book, or at minimum a disclosure that they do. Actually, as far as I am concerned, Apple can take the warning off of the GPS access, and put it onto the phone book access since it is far more important than where I am. I mean, anyone can see where I am, but not anyone can see into my phone book.

I would be happy to pay a fair amount for an application like the bloomberg app, but once they put ads into it, I’m done with it. If companies were smart, they would offer both an ad supported version, as well as a paid version like twitterific.