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iPhone SDK NDA Lifted Really?

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iPhone SDK NDA Lifted Really?

Picture of IrvinI am not sure what the entire NDA lifting really means. It is hard for me to figure out what I can and can not say. I assume that I still can’t talk about anything having to do with the experience of the process, but I can discuss features and here is where it gets a little mirky, the code that I wrote? The problem with discussing the code is that if I talk about the code, I have to talk about the SDK, and I am still not sure that I am free to discuss it.

Also, are people who haven’t released apps able to discuss their techniques and tips anyway as Cocoa developers who have dabbled with the SDK. Furthermore, can people who don’t have released apps write books about how to write software for the iPhone.

Unfortunately, it seems that I have more questions than before about what it is OK to talk about and not. Before it was easy, the first rule of iPhone development, is we don’t talk about iPhone development. But now not so much.