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Mides 1.3 Already Hacked

Posted: June 4th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Apple | No Comments »

Yesterday I started getting alerts that Mides was showing up on Warez amd cracks sites. While I am sure that some developers get really upset about this, I think it is flattering.

Generally the idea that anyone wants your software is awesome and enough to make your day. However when someone buys a copy, jailbreaks their phone, hacks the program, and then distributes it, well that is enough to keep you on cloud 9.

I appreciate everyone who purchases my software, and I hope that the people who download it from the Warez sites go ahead and get the real thing, but even if Apple, and some other authors are going out of their way to stop the cracking, I find it to be a good way to advertise without doing any work or paying anyone. However, I hope no one has done anything to those files. Mides from channels other than the legit one could be a dangerous thing. Please be careful and rock on!