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Mides SFTP / FTP Uploading Bug

Posted: June 9th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Apple, Companies, iPhone, mides | Tags: , , | 6 Comments »

A few days ago I submitted Mides 1.8.5 to the App Store with some cool features and fixes to a number of minor bugs.  I was happy when it was approved and then went live.  Unfortunately, there was a bug in the release for iPad users, a hidden dependency that was broken with the changes that I made to the file view, and as a consequence, file uploading was broken.  The workaround, to type the file name into the now blank rename / upload screen will work only if the file resides in the root path, any files in subpaths will upload a file called (null).

While there is a partial-workaround, and the fix was a two-line change to a single class, it is still what I consider to be a severe bug.  As soon as a customer let me know about it, I fixed it and submitted it to Apple, emailing wherever I could to try to get the fix deployed to the App Store quickly.  I am super grateful to my customers for letting me know right away that there was a bug in the update.

I guess what I really want to say is that as a one-man shop, especially one with a day-job, it is extremely difficult to move quickly.  The approval process makes it extremely painful to keep short release cycles and iterate as I like to, because there is a risk that you will have a severe bug.  On the web, and elsewhere, recovering from this is pretty easy, just push an update, boom everyone has it.  With the App Store I can’t, since the review process can take a while, and while you are waiting, your ratings and reviews get destroyed.  Very few people go back and update their one star reviews after you have fixed their problems, so your ratings are unrecoverable.

So I am going to slow down the cycle of releases,  and allow myself adequate time for rigorous regression testing.  My hope is that this should improve the quality of each release.  I think this is Apple’s intent and desire, and maybe they are right.  As for me, I have learned my lesson, this is shrink wrap, not web development, and I will think about it that way.  I’m sorry for anyone who is experiencing a hardship due to this bug, and I hope the fix is approved soon.

  • http://Website Oomu

    Interesting. Yes you have to change your expectations. It’s applications, tools, we need reliability.

    What about some ssh-FTP in the future?

    Is it possible to do without a save button but have undo or versioning?

  • irv

    SFTP is in there, it works well.

  • http://Website Chris

    Anyway, keep up the good work! Because *I do* appreciate your work:-)

  • Martin de Keijzer

    Mides IDE really has great potential. What I’m really looking forward to now is syntax highlighting.

    Ftp is something I don’t really use because all my code is stored in git/SVN. It would be great to have features for it. Although I do know that might be a bit much to ask for.

    Other features that can make Mides a leading IDE are code completion, error highlighting, sqlite integration, php interpretation.

    Anyway see this post as user feedback, the current state is already the best on iOS! Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous


    You have made a really great app, but I have problems downloading files from my FTP server.

    When Mides is listing directories on my FTP server, it includes filesize and date in file requests (it may be that the server provides that information). For example, a 500 bytes file named ‘textfile.txt’ (modified November 29th 01:15) would be listed as ‘500 Nov 29 01:15 textfile.txt’ (older files get year instead of time). If I had tried to open this file, Mides would try to open ‘ftp://username:password@server/500 Nov 09 01:15 textfile.txt’ instead of just ‘ftp://username:password@server/textfile.txt’. The download is therefore failing. It would be very nice if you could look at it.

    PS. I am using FileZilla FTP server, if that is important.

  • Extrem

    I love fillezilla