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HP Buys Palm for 1.2 Billion

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Yesterday it seems that HP bought Palm for 1.2 Billion dollars. I think it would be wise for HP to use Palm’s hardware instead of their own hardware, which has been less than awesome for quite a while. I would also not try to brand it iPaq. I think that HP may have paid too much for Palm, except that recently it seems that HP has been trying to design it’s own operating system for a few months now.

A friend suggested yesterday that Palm had bought Be a while back, but in reading further into it, it seems that BeOS is owned by a holding company called Access Co. At any rate, what I hope happens is that HP uses the webOS for some of their media devices.

It is interesting, to say the least, but I don’t know if HP operating Palm as anything other than Palm makes any sense. WebOS is interesting as well, but it really needs to track the chromium project more closely, maybe it is and I just don’t know, but much of the HTML 5 stuff doesn’t seem to be fleshed out really well.