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Bold Predictions About Rails

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Bold Predictions About Rails

Picture of IrvinFor a couple of years now I have been very disparaging of Rails, and in general the whole convention driven development movement. I have always figured that maybe I could do things a little better myself perhaps. Recently, however I have found myself using rails, and in a larger sense, adding Ruby to my toolbox, and have been a much happier programmer.

What suprises me is how many excuses I found myself making about why I shouldn’t use Rails. What I eventually realized is that I didn’t care if I could write that CRUD code a little better, or if I could shave a tenth of a second of execution time from whatever function I had written in *name the language* the important thing was that I could get my project done and get outside, or work on several projects simultaneously, instead of only two. I found myself spending time and thought cycles on code that was directly related to solving my problem, instead of code to get me to where I could start solving my problem.

Now I am always suprised when I hear my same old excuses coming out of other good developers’ mouths. I want to say, “you just don’t understand.”

The reality of the situation is that the ground has shifted under our feet. Because of rails, business stakeholders are demanding quicker turnaround on features and products, and non-rails shops are struggling to keep up.

Performance is always the first crotchety old excuse, the answer is memcache. Then reliability, f5 big ip is the answer.

Really everyone, evolve or die, it’s as simple as that.