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Wow, the G1 Lets me Talk and Listen at the Same Time

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I just found an additional fringe benefit of using the G1 over the iPhone, I can talk and hear at the same time. It was amazing, I noticed that I could clearly hear background sounds while talking. I guess I had gotten used to having a half-duplex channel for communication, and I had forgotten what a real phone sounds like. Bravo T-Mobile on remembering what the device’s primary function is!

iPhone Codesign Error 2.2.1 Firmware

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I have an older project and have had my certificates expire. I spent a couple of days trying to figure out how to get the stupid thing to build. Then I found this blog:

Basically what it says to do is to go into the .xcodeproj file for your application, open the project.pbxproj and modify the PROVISIONING_PROFILE variables.

This didn’t work for me, but removing all of the key / value pairs did.

AT&T MicroCell

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Frequently, in my house, at work, and in my car here on the west coast, I drop calls. It’s so bad that I can’t use my phone for voice or data over the cellular network. I find myself wondering why I have an iPhone when it doesn’t work anywhere I go.

Now I am reading about these AT&T MicroCell devices. At first I thought it was going to be cool, and that I might get a bit of revenue out of it. Now it looks like I am supposed to pay for this. It isn’t clear how much from the post, but really, charging me more money to make what I am already paying for work is criminal.

When I was recently on the East Coast, I had awesome coverage, but in the Bay Area it just doesn’t work. I attribute it to the unavailability of 850 MHz spectrum out here for AT&T, and I understand that that this is a clever way to get around it, but they really should be paying me for using my broadband to bolster their signal, it should also be open to any AT&T 3G subscriber in the area who is close enough to benefit.

I want one, but not if it is closed and not if I don’t get paid for it. If AT&T can’t get their act together, then I can easily use an iPod touch, and get a different smartphone on a carrier that actually gives me some bars.