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Firefox 3 Over 80 Bugs

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Firefox 3 Over 80 Bugs

Picture of IrvinSo if Firefox 3 has over 80 bugs, none of them seem to affect the platform running on Mac OS X Leopard that I can tell. As far as I can see, with the exception of having no plugins that work for it yet, it seems almost as fast as webkit and seems moderately stable.

Granted, however, I have not started trying to write for the offline storage, or used micro-formats, so I can't really tell yet what kind of bugs are lurking under the surface. Except for a bug with the JavaScript surrounding the canvas tag. I am using a canvas tag that creates a reflection on the fly, and it works in Firefox 2, but in Firefox 3, it doesn't appear. Oh well, its a beta.

As far as end users go, I think that the usability of the application for surfing the web and the tabbed browsing enhancements are as stable as I would expect from the mozilla foundation. I think this bugs thing must be either, a Microsoft conspiracy utilizing the New York Times, or an Apple conspiracy to undermine XULRunner on mobile devices utilizing the New York Times.

While I make not pretense as to my heaping heavy helpings of favoritism in Mozilla's way, I do think that they have a larger problem. It lies within their rendering engine. Browser makers are choosing WebKit for a reason. Its standards compliance, and heavy support for advanced XHTML / HTML tags and CSS make it ideal for futuristic web browsing applications. Also, its small size makes for incredible benefits when it comes to mobile devices. I would love to see a port of WebKit to Java for embedded browsing applications, but I am afraid it is just a pipe dream due to Java's weak support for Graphics2D in Swing applications.

At any rate, I think the whole bugs thing with Firefox is overblown. I'm not sure who is pumping the FUD this time, but my FUD meter is in the red on this one, it will probably come out in the next few days, but Microsoft's greasy fingerprints are all over this one.