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More Google and Apple Collaboration

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More Google and Apple Collaboration

Picture of IrvinHas anyone been noticing the increase in Google and Apple co-operation recently? Before I had no reason to get an Apple TV, and I still don't really have one, but being able to use YouTube on it is a great step.

Still, however one has to take a look at the bigger picture. With Eric Schmidt on the board of Apple, plus the enhanced level of collaboration between the companies, first on the iPhone, and now on the Apple TV, one has to wonder where all of this is going.

One option is that Google could buy Apple. Surely this would be the largest corporate buyout in business history. While Google's market capitalization could swallow Apples, the purchase price would be quite high, verging on obscene. I'd think, however that similar to the YouTube purchase, such a move would push Google's stock price through the roof. It also might force Microsoft to do something aggressive toward Google. I don't think that Google really wants Microsoft aggressively going after them yet. In fact, I'd give this scenario a one in one-hundred chance of happening.

More probably is more of what we have seen. An increased level of collaboration between the two companies, more official partnerships on products and services. Probably featured positions in Apple's Safari and on the desktop, tighter integration with Apple's OS, etc…

All of this is worth watching. If I were Microsoft, I'd be a little afraid, and I'd be tightening my partnerships with hardware vendors. A combined Google / Apple, even just in partnerships is a dangerous thing, and Microsoft could find itself marginalized quickly.