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Yahoo’s Site Explorer

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Yahoo's Site Explorer

Picture of Irv Owens Web DeveloperYahoo's new site explorer is interesting in that I have never, ever heard of a search company giving SEOs a hand up. But it appears that either Yahoo is planning to do just that, or they want to free up the traffic on their primary search servers. I checked it out briefly this morning, and it works pretty well, it will show you all of the links that Yahoo is currently tracking for your site as well as pages of yours that they have indexed. In short is pretty much what most developers, webmasters, and SEOs have been looking for. On one hand I applaud the release of this, and the APIs that are sure to follow, but on the other hand I am not sure how this really helps. If SEOs can use this tool to validate whether or not their tactics are working to help move them up in the SERPS, then how is this better for the little guy on the internet, or consumers. Maybe Yahoo is going to move its blog and little site indexes off to another site like Google did, and allow their main site to be primarily for commercial sites that are trying to sell things. That would allow someone like me who searches very often for programming terms and other information to get what I want more easily without having to wade through mountains of irrelevant products, and conversely allow someone who wants that paisely pocket protector to find that without having to go through pages and pages of blogs on modding their moleskin (moleskine).

If you are waiting for Google to give anyone this type of insight into how their SERPs work, then you'd better get out your sleeping bags, and light up a campfire because it will be a while. Once again, Yahoo appears to be blazing away with innovations that people and developers actually want and can use, while Google is working on pie-in-the-sky stuff. I wonder how long it will be before the space elevator is operational though, I'd like to take a spin on it once Google has built it.